Ancaps are cucks

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Ancaps are cucks Empty Ancaps are cucks

Post by BBC4WhiteWimmin on Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:01 pm

Ancaps are by far the most sexually impotent posters on this board. It's ingrained in their ideology to let their wives and gfs get railed in the ass by other men and do NOTHING because it's her free choice to be a whore. In fact it's more rule than exception for an anarcho-capitalist to personally service dick because that's the kind of psychology that develops from years of taking the most ridiculous exploitation, of themselves and their families, and doing NOTHING about it except mumble something unintelligible about 'natural law' through a mouthful of cum. Any other person that might find himself in such an unpleasant situation would take great pleasure in exercising his god given right to tyrannicide, but the anarcho-capitalist is so thoroughly domesticated that the thought of righteous aggression scares them. It's easy to feel pity for such miserable creatures but one must remember that those that subscribe to an ideology of 'just taking it and doing nothing at all' hold an amount of responsibility over their own fates.
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