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Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!


He, who knows and knows that he knows, is a wise man.
Listen to him!

He who knows, and does not know that he knows, is asleep.
Wake him up!

He who does not know and knows that he does not know wants to learn.
Teach him!

He who does not know, and does not know that he does not know is a fool
Avoid him!

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



A.L.M.I.G.H.T.Y. L.A.T.I.N. K.I.N.G.S. N.A.T.I.O.N.: A Love Measured In Great Harmony Towards Yahweh. Latin American Tribe Illuminating Natural Knowledge, Indestructible Nobility and Glowing Strength. Natural Allies Together In One Nucleus.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!


Almighty Father, King of Kings, maker of the universe and foundation of life, bring peace to our souls, those present, to those not present, to the young and to the old.

As an Almighty Latin King Nation under one sun protected by your love and guidance we bring our right fist upon our heart for sincerity, love, wisdom, strength, knowledge and understanding; three hundred-sixty degrees of strong King wisdom.

Illuminate our minds and our hearts.

Guide our thoughts with your righteousness.

Guide and protect the thoughts of our Coronas and all those holy and righteous lovers and followers of our beloved family and tribe - the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation.

Let the manifestation of our departed Brothers and sisters be the path to thee and let it be as it was in the beginning - strong King wisdom on both continents, peace in black and gold.

King Love yesterday, today, tomorrow, always and forever.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!


Oh King of the universe, supreme maker of all things, we the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation ask you, Almighty King, to bring peace to our souls: bring peace to those Brothers and Sisters who died in our cause. As an Almighty Nation under the sun, protected by your love and guidance, we bring our right fist upon our hearts for Love, Honor, Obedience, Sacrifice and Righteousness.

We ask you Almighty King to bless our departed Brothers and Sisters; members of our beloved and mighty Nation, who on this very day rest in the bosom of your sanctuary. May they rest in your care and may they have found the peace and freedom they sought. In our critical moments bring us comfort and guide us through those days of confusion and oppression. May the blessings of the ancients and the wisdom of the ages guide us and keep our Nation strong as we battle the forces that seek to deny us.

We, the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation, are entrusted with a divine mission, one that transcends personal gains and recognition. As Kings and Queens we pledge ourselves ever faithful to that mission. Make us all aware that others look to us for guidance, and let us always prove ourselves worthy of providing it. For, though we are of different Nationalities, we all share the same cultures of our ancient ancestors whose every word is law throughout the world. It is our destiny to lead rather than to be led.

We, the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation, have the blood of royalty in our veins. We are the guiding light of our people. Place wisdom in our minds, love in our hearts, and fortitude to withstand the trials of time. Guide and protect our Coronas so that they may lead us to our ultimate goal - the awakening of our people from their oppressed state that they may lift our heritage to its rightful place among the thrones of Kings and Queens.

Let the manifestation of our sacrificed Brothers and Sisters be the path to you. And let it be as it was in the beginning:

Strong King and Queen wisdom - peace in black and gold.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!


The Almighty Latin Kings Nation is a religion, which gives us faith in ourselves, a National self-respect, power to educate the poor and relieve the misery around us. It is the Brotherhood of man, blending like the waves of one ocean, shining as the sun, one soul in many bodies bearing fruit of the same tree.

It creates in us a thirst like the heat of earth on fire, a thirst for knowledge, wisdom, strength, unity and freedom. It is the sun glowing in the essence of our being, the brightness in our eyes that cast reflections of its rays spitting fire in all directions. It is the unshakable spirit and the nobleness of our hearts, the limitless power of the mind, the relentless will to be free.

It is pride, ambition, love sacrifice, honor, obedience and righteousness, all our powers and all our desires thrown into the mission of human service and united into one single gold sun.

If you want to find Yahweh, serve the Almighty Latin Kings Nation. Put on the gold sun - black and gold colors, place your right fist upon your heart and pledge devotion to the Almighty Latin Kings Nation, to Yahweh and all oppressed people. This is the Nation of Kingism.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The history of all hitherto existing gang feuds is the history of label struggles for the sake of " Clique" recognition. It is this egotistical force for recognition, which leads to rivalry, and senseless disputes, which often cost the high price of human life-the life of our people, the oppressed third world people.

With the intentions of changing this social and oppressive phenomenon, the King manifesto is written, to serve as a guide and to enlighten our deplorable conditions under the existing order of things. With this thought in mind we proceed to create the New King, the Moral King, and the King of Others, the Lover of Men and the Turning Wheel of Change.

Devoting your life to the principles of Kingism implies a life of service to your fellow man; we can be of service in no other way. If you turn your back on your Brother simply because of a label you are turning your back on the Almighty Latin Kings Nation.

One who does not know the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation and its laws is like a plant growing in the shade. Although it knows not the sun, it is nevertheless absolutely dependent upon it

The Nation is in your hands. If you turn your back on the Nation you are denying yourself the sole purpose of your existence - the right to be free.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Kingism is the doctrine of the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation. There are three stages or cycles of Nation life that constitute Kingism.
They are:

Primitive Stage
Conservative Stage
The New King Stage

In order for one to grasp a good understanding of each stage and its development, one must understand and consider the social factors surrounding each stage.

The Primitive Stage is that stage in life where the King warrior acts on impulse, executing his actions without giving them the serious thought that they demand. A stage of immaturity where the Kings time is spent gang banging, getting high and being recognized as big and bad.

This can also be classified as the wasteful stage to a certain extent, to the extent that what is being done is being done unconsciously. Yet it is not wasteful in the sense that the environment conditions this type of behavior in order for one to survive the hardships of ghetto life - that undesirable level at the lowest plane of social existence. It is wasteful if that energy is being misused. There are no objectives for one's actions except for the factual phenomena that the entire affair is centered on recognition, label recognition, and personal recognition. This egotistical tendency often leads to a blind alley.

Regardless of how senseless one's actions may seem at this level, this is the original stage of Kingism and from the roots of the primitive stage emerges the second stage. It is at this level where one either breaks or becomes strong. True lovers of the Nation develop at this stage.

The Conservative Stage (also known as the mummy stage) is the stage of so-called maturity. At this level the King becomes tired of the primitive stage. He no longer wishes to participate in the senseless routine of gang fighting, hanging on the corner or being recognized as big and bad. Most often at this level the King warrior gets married and retires, alienating himself from the boys and the Nation, concentrating his energy and devotion to his Queen, his children and his responsibility to them; ignoring the fact that he has unconsciously been neglecting his main responsibility to them and himself i.e., to make himself and his loved ones free!

It is inappropriate to call this stage the maturity stage due to the fact that the King warrior at this time does not really become mature in the true sense of maturity. Instead he becomes mummified or he reaches a level of accepting life as it has been taught to him by the existing system that exploits all people of color - dehumanizes them and maintains them under the economic and social yoke of slavery.

True members of the Nation do not quit at this level, they do not cease to identify themselves with the Kings, but instead they alienate themselves from them. They do not cease to be who they are; they conserve what they are; they become conservative. There are more Kings at this level than at any other level. Although this stage has all the characteristics of a regressive stage, it is really the stepping-stone into the third stage of Kingism - the New King stage.

The New King Stage is the stage of awareness and decision. The primitive and conservative stages are a compliment to the third. They go hand in hand with this stage of maturity; it does not keep the King in the Limbo State of being (i.e., the mummy like stage). At this level there is a stage of awareness, an awareness of one's self as a subject of decision.

Under the New King stage the world takes a completely new form. One no longer continues to visualize the street corner as his turf or being tough as a man of survival as in the primitive stage nor does he remain in the mummy stage. Instead he learns to appreciate the values of organizational work, the values of life and Brotherhood. One no longer views the rival warriors as the cause of one's ills, instead his vision broadens to the extent of recognizing himself as a subject of decision. He learns that his ills lie at the root of a system completely alien to his train of thought and his natural development due to the components of dehumanization that exists therein. At this stage is what determines righteousness for it is this stage where awareness leads to the point of decision that points where one must decide one's future.

This is where one either becomes an accomplice to that anti - King system or a subject of decision - a New King! The New King recognizes that the time for revolution is at hand. Yes, revolution - a revolution of the mind! The revolution of knowledge! A revolution that will bring freedom to the enslaved, to all third world people as we together sing and praise with joy what time it is - it is Nation time! Time for all oppressed people of the world to unite. The young warriors and future leaders look at the New King with the hope of someday being free. We shall not destroy the faith they have in us; for in doing so we destroy ourselves.

The New King is the end product of complete awareness, perceiving three hundred sixty degrees of enlightenment. He strives for world unity. For him there are no horizons between races, sexes and senseless labels. For him everything has meaning, human life is placed above materialistic values. He throws himself completely into the battlefield ready to sacrifice his life for the ones he loves for the sake of humanization.

The New King is endowed with the supreme natural powers that surpass the human scope of comprehension. These highly complex energetic entities separate him from the abstract world and all those who surrender themselves to vanity and idleness and place materialistic values above and beyond human principle.

The New King sees himself as a subject of decision, A Sun that must glow forever to enlighten those not so fortunate as he. He feels the rays of the sun glowing in the essence of his being, giving him life, energy and strength-The strength of his unshakable spirit, and the nobleness of his heart. The hypnotizing profundity of his gaze reflects the limitless power of his mind and the unshakable will to be free.

The New King is the turning wheel of change. He recognizes what time it is - it is Nation time! He see the rulers of our present system lavishing their treasures freely on the means of destruction, rather than towards that which would promote the happiness of mankind. These strife’s and this bloodshed and this discord must cease and all oppressed people must unite as one Nation, as one kindred, as one family.

The New King is aware of the fact that in the Almighty Latin King Nation all are servants, Brothers, and Sisters - Natural Allies Together In One Nucleus. As soon as one feels a little better than the other, a little superior than the rest, one is in a dangerous position and unless one casts away the seed of such evil thought, he is not an instrument for the service of the Nation. Just as calamity is due for disobedience, so deliverance from calamity can be obtained by obedience. Turning from the Nation brings inevitable disaster and turning to the Nation brings blessings.

In order to establish the Kingdom of freedom in the world, it must first be established in the hearts of men. The King that lives his life according to the teachings of this Nation is the true King. A King who loves his Nation, his people and freedom. One that works for universal peace, universal freedom and universal Brotherhood. A man may call himself a King just as an ugly man may call himself handsome, yet if he does not live the life of a true King, he is not a King, and an ugly man deceives no one.

He who would be a New King needs to be a fearless seeker and lover of freedom. If his heart is pure and his mind is free from prejudice he shall not fail to recognize freedom from slavery. The call of the New King to mankind is that man should open his eyes and use his reason, and not suppress it. It is seeing and free thinking, not servile credulity that will enable the true King to penetrate the clouds of prejudice, to shake the feathers of blind imitation and attain from the realization of truth a new revelation.

The New King will not only believe in the teachings of this Nation but will find in them the guide and inspiration for his life and joyfully impart to others the knowledge that is the well spring of his own being. Only then will he receive the full measure of power of the Almighty Latin King Nation.

When a man becomes a New King the will of the Nation becomes his will, for to be at variance with the Nation is one thing that cannot endure. The Almighty Latin King Nation requires whole-hearted and complete devotion.
How can divine King love be demonstrated to an unbelieving world, its capacity to endure to the utmost blows of calamity and the treachery of seeming friends? To rise above all this, undismayed and not bitter, still able to forgive, bless and unite. The light of King love irradiates our foggiest days, transmutes our suffering into hope and martyrdom itself into an ecstatic bliss. The New King longs to see believers of freedom shouldering the responsibilities of the cause. Now is the time to proclaim the Kingdom that is rightfully ours. Now is the time for union and concord. Now is the day of unity because it is Nation time!

The New King recognizes that the day of resurrection is here. It is a time for the appearance of a new manifestation of truth. The rising of the dead means the spiritual awakening of those who have been sleeping in the graveyard of ignorance. The day of the oppressor must now be judged by the oppressed.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Every member of the Nation shall honor, respect and protect with his life the lives and reputation of all members of the Almighty Latin King Nation

Stand up for those who stand up for themselves in their quest for peace, justice, freedom, progress and prosperity.

Never exploit or bring harm to any member of the most righteous tribe - The Lion Tribe - the Almighty Latin King Nation or any other oppressed person or Nation.

Respect and protect with your life brown women for they are the mothers of our beautiful color. The life of the future suns of the universe.

Love and respect children of all races, sexes, cults and religions. Protect them with your life for they are the leaders of tomorrow's Nations.

Honor and respect the Nation salute for it means, "I die for you", and the sacred colors for they represent the people we love and live for - the memory of those who rest in peace in the sanctuary of the Almighty Father, King of Kings.

Educate yourself, for an illiterate King is a weak King, and a weak King has no place in a strong Nation.

Learn your King manifesto and live by it, for it shall lead to peace - freedom and justice.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!





The Crown is the National emblem of the Almighty Latin King Nation. It displays our royalty among men. It displays our sovereignty, and our Kingdom among Nations. The Crown is a symbol that is recognized all over the world and although there are many different types the two that the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation identify with the most are the Imperial and the Coronet.

The imperial is the one most generally used to represent our beloved Nation because of its very meaning and magnificence.

Each of the coronets five points has a special meaning. They represent - Love, Honor, Obedience, Sacrifice and Righteousness. The Crown enthrones our idealism, our belief and attitudes towards a better way of life in the universe.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Black and Gold

Black - represents the solid dominant color of the universe, the brave and the bold, the darkness of the immense night. It represents people of one idea, one body, mind and soul, the alpha and the omega.

Gold - represents the fabulous brilliant sun at its highest peek. The splendorous glow of hope in oppressed people. The brilliance of the mind and the solid unity in strength, love and sacrifice- two colors of natural creations existing since the beginning of time and enduring forever.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



A fist upon our heart. It means: I will die for you for you are flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. Son of my mother who is the universal nature and follower of Yahweh, who is the Almighty father King of Kings. It also means love - strength - and sacrifice.

Glory to the Queens, and power to the Kings. Almighty King love, yesterday today tomorrow, always and forever!

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The flag shall consist of either two stripes - one black and one gold - running horizontally with a circle in the upper left corner of the top stripe with a Crown in the center of the circle. Or the flag may consist of three stripes running vertically with a circle in the center stripe and a Crown in the circle.

The flag shall never touch the floor or be placed where dishonor may fall upon it.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



To the Almighty Latin King Nation, fearlessness implies absence of all kinds of fears. It is the freedom from such fears, as hunger, humiliation, wrath and criticism of others. It is also the freedom from the fear of resistance, the freedom from the fear of loss of courage and the freedom from the fear of physical death. It is a necessity for a true Latin King because cowards can never be moral. Fearlessness is indispensable for the growth of other noble qualities.

How can one seek liberation, truth, or cherish love without fearlessness? Moral bravery is, for the Nation, the highest heroism. And it consists in the readiness to sacrifice patiently and fearlessly, everything, including life for the good of other members of the tribe of righteousness out of love for them.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Latino can draw additional strength from another force if he has the will and the faith. Anonymous millions of brown men and women have given their life in the fight for liberation. They have fought against colonialism, hunger and ignorance and for the human dignity of our people. They have drawn from one another, through unity, a force of fortitude - - Brown Force - the force, which provides the splendor and glow of hope in oppressed people.

The seed they cast into the founding of a Nation. The Almighty Latin King Nation has withstood the trials of time. Drawing upon the endurance and fortitude of Brown force, we continue our quest to unify and insure free political and cultural expression among third world people and among the commonwealth of individuals. We are the people's liberating force - Brown force - the foundation of the Nation.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



When a King warrior accepts Kingism as described in the Kings Manifesto; his life takes a complete turn. For him everything changes. His vision is no longer limited to narrow horizons; instead he is gifted with the power of the Almighty Eye - a sun that glows to enlighten, through the sense of sight. The New King and the Nation.

The eyes of the Nation are everywhere that there is a Nation man, a true King.

His perceptions, viewed in the concept of universal human progress, is the reflection of their soul. his ideology, and his quest for freedom and desire for unity among his people. His observations are free and independent. His thoughts are not clouded by any form of prejudice and their actions are based on common sense and knowledge.

Seeing, perceiving and observation by all Kings, is the network of the Nation - the eyes of the Almighty Latin Kings Nation are everywhere.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Who is a Nation man and who is not? The difference lies in what they do. How they carry themselves and how they talk. But in order for one to really understand the contrast one must know and understand the principles of the Kings manifesto and modern Kingism.

One of the clearest contrastive examples is when the so - called Nation man claims to be a Latin King, a member of the Almighty Latin King Nation, and by the same token says: “I am little; a Coulter King”; a peewee; I am from such and such a branch or Chapter, etc.” He might be a Latin King, that is true, but he is definitely not a Nation man.

This clearly testifies that this so-called Nation man is really a demagogue, a preacher of a false philosophy, agents of confusion and disunity. His mind is broad only to the scope of where his particular "clique" is concerned. Outside of that clique mentality, his mind meets with the brick wall of prejudice and individualism.

Nation men on the other hand are devoted followers and believers of unity, supporters of the harmonious whole. For Nation men there are no horizons between cliques and branches for they identify only with the Nation, not with a particular clique, branch or section. Natural Allies Together In One Nucleus. One Nation, the Almighty Latin Kings Nation.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Whether in front or profile I stand, on that finished form let glory bestow
Black its midnight shadow, gold its morning glow
In precision clear, a vision ever so bright
That over the rest the domineering light
Spreads the extensive vigor of its rays
And yields to me the power they praise
That majesty that grace, rarely given to remove the restraints
with which they confine, to pass before the turning wheel of change
With supreme perfection my aim,
Love, truth and knowledge my claim.
Below the thunderous lofty arch of light
The whole in loveliest harmony unites
For a true King the brightest glories soar
The King of Kings applauds him and the world adores
Let then each be firmly allied
And let no one separate or divide
United in strict decorum, time and place
An emulous love and genuine faith
Be grace, be majesty thy constant strive
That majesty, that grace - King Am I

Let it be always remembered that the original Manifesto was written and dedicated to all oppressed people of the world, to the people and the Nation, and to all our beautiful Sisters by the Brown Prince of Darkness.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The conduct and deportment of every King should always be highly impeccable and above reproach, particularly in our relationship with people outside of our Nation. We have a strong Nation with a glorious history built on the dreams and determination of those before us. We all have ample reason to be proud and inspired on to even greater heights, and our pride should always be reflected in our every action.

Too often we forget that we all have a responsibility to each other and ourselves that of constantly keeping each other and ourselves in check and perfecting an image to others that is orderly and disciplined in nature.

In order for our Nation to prosper and continue to grow stronger and be guaranteed the respect due to us by others, our organization must operate smoothly and efficiently, without the problems and complications created by undisciplined and careless mindlessness.

There is an increasing tendency by some Kings to become familiar with others, and especially with officers of our organization. There is a tendency by too many to forget or not adhere to established and proper protocol in dealing with members of our organization and members and officers of other organizations, which gives rise to other problems and the general attitude held by other organizations that we are undisciplined, irresponsible and unworthy of the trust and respect due to us.

Many Kings have fallen into the incorrect belief that we are a loose knit clique of friends, or a gang, and act accordingly. We are not however a gang, or clique of friends, we are an organization with laws that govern us as a body and must be adhered to by every King; for this reason it is mandatory that every King know and adhere to the leadership structure.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



In the sixth decade of the twentieth century, the A.L.K.N. was formed. Generations after generations of Kings have lived by a Constitution of principles based upon the ideas of Kingism. Those ideas, our laws and principles we now impart to all Kings with this Constitution.

From this day forward we shall organize ourselves under Constitutional law to insure that we as a Nation will lead the way to progress and no longer stand in the shadow of it: we as a Nation shall lead the way for true Kingism.

Devoting your life to these principles implies a life of service to each other and to the Almighty Latin King Nation.

Love - Honor - Obedience - Sacrifice - Righteousness

The name of this association shall be the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation. An organization of international Brotherhood, which exists for the purpose of:

1. Promoting prosperity and freedom through love and understanding to all oppressed people of the world.

2. To train our people to become aware of our social and political problems and of the conditions we are subjected to live under as a third world people.

3. To provide the aid and way in our search for peace and unity.

4. To prompt and encourage educational and vocational learning in order to train our people in the art of survival.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Membership shall be available to anyone who is willing to change his or her lifestyle for the doctrine of Kingism. Membership shall be denied to anyone who has purposely taken the life of a Latin King or a relative of a member of the Nation. Membership is forbidden to anyone addicted to heroin and denied to rapists.

Membership is forbidden to anyone who is expelled from the Nation unless their re-entry is approved by Las Coronas. Anyone seeking re-entry into the Nation must find an officer with the rank of Chapter Enforcer, Chapter Crown Council Chairman, Inca or Cacique, to sponsor them before Las Coronas will even consider them for re-entry.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Constitution members in good standing reserve their right to vote and elect their Chapter officers in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Constitution. They may reserve this right to vote providing that they have been in the Chapter for a period of three months. This is to gain experience and knowledge so that they may understand the function of our Nation and to become fully acquainted with his fellow members and the principles of Kingism.

Members are required to vote but are not allowed to vote in absence. The attempt to persuade, intimidate or coerce votes is in violation of Constitutional laws.

Candidates have the right to run their own campaign. Supporters have the right to campaign for and express their choice of candidates. The Chapter Crown Council shall conduct the election procedures.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



1 Nation meetings involving the entire federation are left to the discretion of Las Coronas.

2 Chapter meetings are left to the discretion of the Inca, Cacique and Chapter Crown Council.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Inca and Cacique are the only two elected officers of the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation.

Chapter Enforcer, Chapter Crown Council members, Chapter Secretary, Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Investigator are appointed positions.

The Inca, as well as all other elected and appointed officers, may not hold two positions at the same time and must follow the chain of command.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Inca is the highest-ranking officer in every Chapter of the Nation. The Inca is elected by majority vote of his Chapter’s membership. His term in office is indefinite. However, he must run in an election for a "vote of confidence" every two years in order to retain his position as commander in chief.

The Inca is responsible for the actions of his Chapter, its security, its treasury and the general well fare of the membership. He is responsible for promoting academic and vocational skills and for providing the aid and way in our search for peace, unity and freedom.

The Inca must file a “State of the Nation” report every three months with Las Coronas concerning the affairs of his Chapter. Any action taken by the Inca shall be enforced through the Cacique.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Cacique shall be second in command of his Chapter. He, like the Inca, is elected by majority vote of the membership of his Chapter and his term in office is indefinite. However, he too must run in a vote of confidence election every two years.

The Cacique is to work hand in hand with the Inca and assume the responsibilities of the Inca in case of the Incas absence.

The Cacique is responsible for keeping the Inca informed on all actions taken by the officers of his Chapter. Any action taken by the Cacique shall be enforced through the Chapter Enforcer.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Enforcer will be in charge of and responsible for the security of every member of his Chapter. The Enforcer shall be appointed by the Inca and Cacique, and He shall report to them directly. The Enforcer shall see that the laws are enforced and the orders of the Inca and Cacique are obeyed.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Treasurer will be appointed by the Inca and Cacique. It shall be his responsibility to collect and invest Chapter funds. However, members of each Chapter shall determine by majority vote, the amount of dues they pay monthly and how their Chapter funds are to be spent.
The treasurer shall file a report with the Inca and Cacique the first of every month on his chapters’ financial status. Brothers who are delinquent in payment of dues are not members of good standing and are not allowed to vote in how chapter fund are to be spent.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Inca and Cacique will appoint the Secretary. His duties shall consist of the following:

1.Collection and distribution of Nation literature

2. Keeping records of all business conducted by the Chapter Crown Council. Although the Secretary sits in on all matters of business conducted by the Chapter Crown Council, he may not interfere with the proceedings and must abide by the rules of the Council.

3. Keeping communication open to all Chapters through the Secretary of every Chapter.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Inca and Cacique shall appoint the Chapter investigator. He shall conduct an investigation on all new members. All prospective new members shall be placed on hold until the investigation is completed.

The investigator shall also conduct all investigations requested by the Inca, Cacique, Chapter Crown Council, Enforcer, Treasurer and Secretary. A report of all investigations, no matter what officer makes the request, must be filed at the completion with the Inca and Cacique.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The Chapter Crown Council shall have its power delegated to it under this Constitution. Council members do not maintain any powers outside the Council. However, Council members shall be recognized as officers of the Nation. Council members shall be responsible to the Council Chairman, the Inca and Cacique.

The Chapter Crown Council shall be the law making body of the Chapter and guardian of the Constitution. The Council shall have the authority to make their rules and regulations concerning the procedure they are to follow in order to function effectively as a Council.

The Council shall be composed of not more or less than seven of the most qualified members of the Chapter.

The Chapter Crown Council shall have the absolute power of holding trials for everyone in the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation, regardless of who they are or their position of rank, this includes the Inca and Cacique.

The Chapter Crown Council has the prerogative of asking for the resignation of the Inca and Cacique, but only a majority vote of the entire Chapter can remove either of them from office.

The Council, under the leadership of the Chairman, shall automatically take control of the Chapter in the absence of the Inca and Cacique.

The Council shall have the power, by majority vote, to dismiss a member of the Nation under the recommendation of the Inca, Cacique, or Las Coronas.

The Chapter Crown Council shall have the power, by majority vote, to accept an individual as an Almighty Latin King /Queen or reject him from membership. The Council shall screen all individuals seeking membership. The Council shall also interview any member that wishes to make any comments in support of or against any person seeking membership.

The Chapter Crown Council shall try all cases that involve Constitutional violations. The Council may also try cases where an infraction has been committed outside the Constitution but only under the recommendation of the Inca, Cacique or Las Coronas.

Council members are not allowed to discuss any issues or business before it with any members outside the Council until the procedures are completed. This of course does not include their investigative work.

The Chapter Crown Council Chairman shall have no vote in the proceedings but may vote in case of a tie vote among Council members. It is the Chairman's duty to conduct the proceeding and make recommendations on all action taken by the Council. The Chairman must also keep records of all proceedings conducted by the Council.

If the Inca and Cacique issue an order or implement a rule that the Chapter Crown Council feels is detrimental to the Chapter, the Council by majority vote, has the authority to null and void such rule or order. However, Las Coronas must be informed in the event such action is taken by the Council.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



The first council member will be appointed by the Inca and Cacique, and he shall be the Chapter Crown Counselor Chairman. The Chairman will then select six other members to complete the quorum of the Council. The Inca and Cacique must approve the members chosen by the Chairman.

Council members will be referred to as Council members and never as "Crown" members. Only Nation Crowns of this rank will be recognized by this title.

Once the seven members of the Council have been selected and approved it will then become the Councils responsibility to choose any new member whenever a seat has been vacated. A new member of the Council can be selected by majority vote from the remaining members of the Council.

Whenever the Chairman's seat is vacated, the Inca, Cacique and remaining Council members shall, by majority vote, select a new Chairman.

A Council member can be removed from office by the Inca or Cacique vote along with the majority vote of the remaining Council members.

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Members of the Chapter Crown Council, by majority vote and with the approval of the Inca and Cacique, shall select members of the Chapter to serve as alternate Council members. Alternate Council members may be selected for the following purposes:

1. - In order to form a full quorum.

2. - In the event a member appearing before the Council requests that
A Crown Council member be excused for possible prejudice.

3. - In order to train new members as prospective permanent Council members.

Behold Latin King! - Behold Latin Queen!



Las Coronas are the highest-ranking officers in the Nation. Their term in office is indefinite. Las Coronas are responsible for seeing that all officers of the Nation abide by the Constituti

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