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Post by BBC4WhiteWimmin on Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:13 pm

i'm a noob. Just got this from a Russian thingy some time ago, that's all. I'm an idiot trying to learn.

Zeus botnet translated. It's the 2009 version though. I know fuck all about programming. I asked some bloke on the dark net and he told me to start programming with APL, but I made the switch to linux and I can't load the right key board font even though terminal brings up apl fairly easily. Then some other bloke said to try A+ instead because it accepts the ASCII stuff and the European layout. But every A+ is about emacs and cancer. I kid you not, no A+ tutorials worth mentioning. They told me APL and A+ allows you to try cooler shit because you're allowed to do more stuff. Then they told me to move onto C but only after I got A+ or APL. I tell them that the zeus translation is in c++, c and php for the command and control bits, and that i'd need a copy of windows server 2010. Not server, the windows thing you use to write c++, the thing that has c#. I have mono of course but fuck if i know how to use it.
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