How I achieved nirvana

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How I achieved nirvana Empty How I achieved nirvana

Post by BBC4WhiteWimmin on Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:11 pm

I was tripping balls on mushrooms trying to masturbate while listening to Gregorian Chants. Trying my damnedest to think about raping an Asian woman in a restroom.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to conjure visions of a terrified Japanese girl turtling as I bust into a college bathroom at 2am on a Saturday, wasted with my cock out, holding a rotary phone to bash her face in a few times before the rapening happens.

Instead, I'm laying there on my bedroom floor with a toilet brush in my ass, wearing my little sister's dirty panties, cock in hand with my cat laying on my chest purring. While I desperately try to cum, to sleezy thoughts, listening to horribly homoerotic chants about the bible or something.

Longstory short, I was viciously beating my dick for 3 hours. (gonna have scabs in the morning).
When all of the sudden, I'm in the glittery/gold nebula like whirlwind with pulsing stars and faggot angels playing the musicale instruments.
"Oh shit!", heading into the light. Meanwhile, disembodied floating heads of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla are judging me for wasting my potential.

FINALLY came after 5 fucking hours after opening my bed room door to expose my self in the hall way. The thought of getting caught by my mom and sister's was what finally did me in.

Best nut in my life swear I laid in the opening listening to my sister's and talk over the Movie Lion King for about 30 minutes, while orgasmic juices slowly oozed out of my dick for the entirety of those 30mins.

I'll never forget that moment I saw the light and felt God. Nirvana
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