Leon County Civilian Anti-Poaching Patrol [LOGS]

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Leon County Civilian Anti-Poaching Patrol [LOGS] Empty Leon County Civilian Anti-Poaching Patrol [LOGS]

Post by Jordan Jereb on Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:09 pm

I will be posting logs periodically here. They are mostly for the public to keep track of what Anti-Poaching activity is being done to ensure that our wildlife is protected. I wont however post the precise location of where we are active just to be safe.

Click the spoiler to see each log:

First official log:


The fields were clear. The horseback riders loaded up their horses and went home for the night - Nothing really to report at that point.

We proceeded to the trail keeping a low-profile. All flashlights were off and all phones and electronic devices were off.

We proceeded from the trail to the track like we normally do on the greenway:

No activity other than homeless people for the next 30 minutes or so. They coudln't see us because we were keeping a low profile and had camoflade,

We proceeded to piney Z lake, no activity.

We proceeded back to the tracks and up the tracks some more- No activity.


Nothing signifigant to report, I look forward to seeing more than 3 people involved on my future patrols.

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